Best mattresses: Organic mattress reviews


Why would you spend for an Organic Mattress?

Organic mattresses are beneficial to your health because they are made of materials that are safe and certified to be natural. Organic mattresses are safe for the environment as well.

Our former mattress was given to us as a wedding gift. We have slept on it for 15 years until our backs started to feel noticeably uncomfortable, and we have unanimously decided that it’s time to go shopping for a new one. Way back then, a mattress to me was as good as any other. Now, after a decade and a half, I have discovered that there have been a lot of interesting developments on this product and that there are a number of mattresses brands and types that I can choose from.

Organic mattress reviews

If you have shopped for mattresses lately, or checked out their prices in stores or on the web, you will find out that a new mattress is actually quite a big investment. The same is true both to your budget and your health. Who would have thought that something as innocent as a mattress can cause you numerous health hazards? Well, that’s what I discovered after I did a little research before shopping.

I only wanted to check the price range but I stumbled upon disturbing facts about the mattress I have been sleeping on for years. Fortunately, the little research I did also introduced me to a healthier and a best option – the organic mattress.

The health hazards of Conventional Mattresses

Just like me, you may not be aware of it, but you could actually be sleeping on a mattress made from toxic materials. Most conventional mattresses are generally made from foams and vinyl (PVC) that originate from petroleum byproducts. This means that they are innately unsustainable.

Likewise, due to the existing law that requires all mattresses to be resistant to open flames, manufacturers produce mattresses that are made of synthetic foam that are treated with chemical retardants. In addition the foam is covered in PVD vinyl, making it all the more a chemical laden contraption. Conventional mattresses have been proven to release toxic fume as you sleep.

Alarmingly, these fumes have been associated to numerous serious diseases such as thyroid, asthma, reproductive and behavioral problems, hormone disruption, organ damage, nervous system problems and cancer. I have always been careful about my health and it is upsetting to realize that I am actually sleeping on a mattress that is potentially causing my health to deteriorate.

Many of the chemicals found in conventional mattresses are indestructible, meaning they don’t degrade in the environment. They can contaminate not only our blood stream but also our wildlife in a rate that is faster than you can imagine.

Why Organic Mattress is a better option

The world today is much more concerned about environmental safety. A lot of progress has been made towards the protection and preservation of the environment. People nowadays are also more vigilant about their health and are interested to try out healthier alternatives.

I can say that the organic mattress is one of the best and brilliant developments that can benefit both the environment and the human health. Organic mattress reviews have mostly been positive and inspiring, that is why I did not hesitate to opt for the organic mattress this time. I can say that the good reviews on organic mattresses are well deserved. I only wish that I could have gotten one much earlier.

The materials used for organic mattresses are all eco-friendly that is why they are not hazardous to the environment when they are disposed off. Organic mattresses are also wonderful for people and babies with sensitive skin because they are totally hypoallergenic and have anti-microbial properties. This is indeed beneficial for families with young children or have family members that are prone to allergies.

Organic mattresses are free from bleaches, dyes and pesticides. All the materials used on them like the springs and covers are not chemically treated. Most of the mattresses are also made of wool which is in itself a natural insulator. This makes organic mattresses ideal to use during cold seasons. Aside from providing warmth, the lanolin in the wool is very effective in preventing pests to accumulate. Organic mattresses also have quick absorbing qualities that get rid of moisture quite easily, which is helpful in preventing respiratory diseases.

How to choose the best organic mattress

When I was shopping for a new mattress I have discovered that the mattress industry is actually complicated. Since the choices and the differences between the types of mattresses are so many, choosing the best one can become quite overwhelming. To make you understand things better and make sure that you will arrive at a wise decision I recommend that you do some research of your own by browsing the web, reading organic mattress reviews, and visiting actual shops that specialize in organic mattresses.

Some of the criteria that you have to watch out for are the absence of chemical flame retardant chemicals. I personally placed that at the top of my list.

  • Another one is that it should have no synthetic polyurethane foam and if you opt for latex, be sure that it is the natural latex rubber and not the synthetic kind.
  • Look for a mattress that carries a high percentage of materials that are certified organic, this includes wool, cotton and latex.
  • Check if the mattress is covered in food grade polyethylene instead of PVC vinyl or in organic cotton instead.
  • You must also see a Greenguard certification. This is a third party organization testing for low-emitting products.

best organic mattress reviews

I never expected that choosing a mattress can be very difficult, but it is. I suggest that before shopping you get your priorities straight first, and by all means don’t hesitate to test out the product. If it would mean kicking off your shoes as well as getting comfy in a store where people are watching – go ahead. It may make you uncomfortable, but it is absolutely necessary.

How can it be ideal? Review: drawbacks about organic mattresses

One drawback that you may encounter is the price of organic mattress. It can be higher than the conventional one; however, when I thought about all the advantages it has on my health I was definitely willing to shell out a little more.